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About Me.

I'm a recent NYU master's graduate in ITP, specializing in graphic and UX design. I bring experience from top tech companies like Microsoft and Google. My skill set spans from front-end development to creative design, making me adaptable and versatile. I'm a fast learner, a critical thinker, and always eager to embrace emerging technologies. I thrive in self-driven roles and excel in collaborative, cross-functional teams.



MPS of Web Page, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design.


New York University


BA of Design and Visual Communications

Visual Communication Design

Tsinghua University

Major Courses: Major Courses: Intro to Physical Computing (Interactive Installation Design), Intro to Computer Media (Computer Media), Dynamic Web Development, Real-time Social Media, User Experience Design, Creative Tools for Phones, etc.

Grade: 3.87/4.0 (1nd place)

Major Courses: Visual Identity System Design, Poster Design, Web Design, Packaging Design, Book Design, Design Psychology, etc.


2023 June - September

UI/UX Design Intern

iHealth Labs, Sunnyvale

Joined as an intern, gained recognition, and handled works typically requiring 5 years of experience. Conducting comprehensive user research, collaborating with cross-functional teams. Transforming abstract ideas into tangible solutions.


  • Delivered five detailed reports covering data analysis, usability evaluations, and user interviews

  • Designed two new features by creating wireframes and prototypes

2022 June - September

Student contributor - UX Designer

Google Summer of Code x Processing Foundation, New York

Responsible for front-end updating of the p5.js web page GitHub as a student contributor of Processing Foundation. Redesigned the user flow and interface by using design insights, managing user research and working with project leaders, product managers and software developers.


  • Developed two new features for the Teach Page

  • Updated 12 posts from educators and learners worldwide

  • Increased Teach Page views and enabling more viewers to contribute

  • Boosted participant engagement by 160% compared to previous year

2021 March - November

UX Design Intern

Microsoft Research Lab - Asia

Managed user research and UX enhancements for open-source projects (NNI and OpenPAI). Designed user-friendly interfaces, including educational game UI in Minecraft. Orchestrated user journeys for Microsoft’s New Media Project at Center-One showroom. Devised graphic design including illustrations, posters, and covers for scientific purposes to assist research teams.


  • Supported two version releases of open source software

  • Enhanced NNI UI, resulting in a 19% increase in user satisfaction.

  • Successfully delivered two updated versions of educational product

  • Facilitated an internal product fair to share insights with colleagues

  • Published an illustration in Advanced Theory and Simulations.

  • Recognized for exceptional performance: Extended internship, “Star of Future“ intern award, entrusted with intern recommendations, and received a return invitation.

2020 July - August

Experience Design Intern

National Museum of China

Collaborated with outsourcing team and content creators to work with course development and exhibition design by using strategy insights, devising experience flow and creating visual systems.


  • Developed six episodes of animation courses and three hands-on learning programs, resulting in increased engagement for students

  • Led the experience design of an exhibition for poverty alleviation, creating an immersive and impactful experience for visitors

Skills and Others



UI/UX Design
Visual Design


Front-End Development



Adobe Creative Suite/ Photoshop/ Illustrator/ InDesign


JavaScript/ HTML/ CSS


Premiere/ After Effects
Unity/ Unreal
Blender/ Rhino
P5.js/ Node.js/ Three.js/ ML5.js/ Processing/ jQuery/ yaml/ Handlebars/ React.js









GDC Award 21 Student Group - Silver Award

(The most influential and authoritative graphic award in the Asian Region)

YD International Design - Good Design Award

2021 Frist Prize


I'm always looking forward to new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+1 347-331-8877

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