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AI-Enhanced Job Search Platform


Project Overview


The Ciwei Group project is an AI-powered job search platform designed to revolutionize the way candidates navigate the job application process. By integrating advanced AI and community-driven insights, the platform offers tailored job matching and application enhancements that significantly reduce the time and effort required by job seekers.


  • User Growth: The platform experienced a significant increase in total users by 38.4% and new users by 65.9% following the redesign, showcasing the success of the UI and UX enhancements.

  • User Engagement: Maintained a robust average engagement time of 2m 45s, with the 'Ciwei Group' page recording the highest interaction, evidenced by 3.87 views per user and over 3,000 total events.

  • Performance Metrics: The analytics indicate stronger performance and user interaction on the 'Ciwei Group' page compared to others, highlighting the effectiveness of the new features and user experience improvements.




UX designer

UI designer






August 2023 - Present

Rebranding & UI Update

The rebranding initiative aimed to modernize the Ciwei Group's visual identity, enhancing brand recognition and improving information presentation on digital platforms.

previous logo.png

Previous Logo


New Logo

Mood Board:

Branding Ref.png

Key Decisions:

  • Improved Logo Scalability:
    The new logo maintains clarity even when scaled down, ensuring consistent brand visibility across all devices and formats.

Previous Logo

New Logo

  • Updated to a Trendy Visual Language:

Shifted from a colorful, literal hedgehog to a minimalist, monochrome icon, aligning with contemporary design trends for a broader professional appeal.

  • Adopted a New Color Palette:

Transitioned to a new scheme to improve readability and interface performance, ensuring content stands out without visual distraction.


Previous UI

Desktop - 27.png

New UI

UX Iteration

Part 1 - Keyword Matching Enhancement


To design a keyword matching feature, enhancing job search accuracy and user experience.

Information Architecture (IA) Update:

Reorganized the underlying data structure to prioritize relevant job attributes, ensuring that keyword searches yield more precise and contextually appropriate results.


UX Flow Update:

Added a keyword-matching feature that extracts relevant keywords from job descriptions and matches them with user resumes. This saves time and improves job matches, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.


Keyword-matching UI Version


Part 2 - Resume Customization Enhancement (In-process)



The newly introduced resume customization feature on the Ciwei Group platform allows users to create tailored resumes for specific job applications. This feature enhances user experience by providing personalized, relevant resume templates that increase the likelihood of matching with desired job positions.

Ideation & Scope Decision:

Aimed to design a highly flexible system that could generate ATS-optimized, customized resumes.

Must Haves:

  • Tool Choice: Considered whether it would be ideal to allow users to generate resumes directly on the platform. Decided on using LaTeX combined with a template system for maximum flexibility and professional layout.

  • Feature Enhancement: Aimed to enhance the user interface of the job post feature, which led to a significant increase in user satisfaction:

    • Enhanced the XXX UI, resulting in a xx% increase in user satisfaction.

  • Preview and Editing: Incorporated a resume preview and editing feature, allowing users to refine their documents before submission, ensuring accuracy and personalization.

UX Flow:



Visibility and Accessibility:

The rebranding efforts have made the platform more accessible and recognizable, even at smaller sizes like web icons, improving brand consistency across devices.

User Growth:

Total users increased by 38.4%, and new users grew by 65.9%, indicating strong market acceptance and an expanding user base.


Although average engagement time saw a reduction of 19.7%, the platform maintained a healthy average engagement time of 2 minutes and 45 seconds. This adjustment reflects more efficient user interactions with the platform, potentially due to streamlined processes and improved user experience.

User Interaction:

The 'Ciwei Group' page recorded the highest interaction, with an average of 3.87 views per user and over 3,122 total events, demonstrating high engagement levels.

Comparative analytics showed that the redesigned job board outperformed the previous version, indicating that the new UI and enhanced functionality have successfully attracted more users and increased their activity on the site.

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