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MCCO Azure Project Showcase for Circular Showroom

Microsoft China Center One is the largest corporate exhibition space established by Microsoft in the world.

Project Overview

As part of the rebranding strategy, the Center One combines workspace and exhibition space to form “At-Work-Experience”, where you can see Microsoft’s rigorous and organized work while showcasing its future cutting-edge products and experiencing many personalized experiences.

I designed a presentation solution for MCCO for Azure projects and have put it into use.



Presentation in a round showroom

A circular screen may seem to have more display space, but in reality, a person's field of view is limited, and only the most central frame can hold solid information.

High-tech content for un-technical audience

The High-Tech content of the presentation is another problem. Azure Cloud Services brings together a very large amount of complex functionality. The large amount of jargon and technical details will only overwhelm the non-professional audience.


  • Age: 45-55

  • Head of a company

  • Time is limited.

  • May not be familiar with tech details, but have their own standard of product.

Group 1.png


Center Area

Focus the informative contents on the center area, use the side parts as evidence areas to support the center information.



Using a Story flow to convey the technology behind, and using data & Icons other than tech details.


WeChat Screenshot_20221115150712.png


WeChat Image_20221115151549.jpg
WeChat Image_20221115151020.jpg
WeChat Image_20221115151020.jpg
WeChat Image_20221115152136.jpg
WeChat Image_20221115152139.jpg

Actual Demonstration

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