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iHealth Unified Care
UX Research for
Mobile App Restructure

Enhancing patient care through mobile app optimization

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Project Overview

*This case study is entirely unrelated to patients' health information and does not involve any HIPAA-related concerns.




UX researcher

UX designer

UI designer


June 2023 - September 2023

Inception in 2018, iHealth Unified Care has been dedicated to delivering Continuous Care Management (CCM) and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services, primarily tailored to support healthcare professionals in their care of patients with chronic conditions, with a special focus on diabetes and hypertension management. After five years of relentless commitment, Unified Care have garnered an abundance of positive feedback from both our esteemed patients and healthcare providers.


A pivotal component of our holistic program, the mobile application serves as the cornerstone of patients' interactions within our ecosystem. While it effectively serves its core functions, our journey has unearthed numerous opportunities for refinement and enhancement. With unwavering dedication to patient-centric care, this project embarks on a mission to elevate the user experience, ushering in improvements that will lead to the delivery of superior services to our patients.


Collaboration with BD & Research Team, Users, and Stakeholders

  • Facilitating and Planning Collaborative Sharing Meetings


  • Crafting User Interview Guides and Plans

  • Scheduling and Conducting User Interviews In-Person or via Video

  • Usability Testing

  • Documenting Trends and Insights

  • Crafting Personas and Journey Maps

Digital Design

  • Developing User Experience (UX)

  • Crafting Wireframes

  • Designing User Interfaces (UI)

  • Creating Figma Prototypes

  • Conducting Weekly Feedback Sessions with the Product Team

Finding Problems

Before diving into the problem,
let's take a closer look at
the Unified Care App:

Current State of Unified Care App

Mobile App Insights (1).png

As a comprehensive service aimed at supporting patients in maintaining a consistent and healthier lifestyle, Unified Care goes beyond provider assistance. It includes a dedicated Care Team that offers personalized daily support. The mobile app serves as the primary and indispensable link connecting patients with their Care Team, all from the comfort of their homes.

Current Structure

The current structure comprises fundamental features like Measurement and Health Tracking, along with supportive functionalities such as Chat with Care Team, Education, Schedule, and Reward.

Mobile App Insights.png

Problem Define

Heuristics Evaluation

With the current states in consideration, I conducted a heuristic evaluation of the app. The most critical issue identified was a lack of 'Consistency and Standards,' accompanied by several minor issues related to heuristic principles.

This app appears to have been built based on instincts rather than solid user experience knowledge and research.

Drag and View

User Behavior Data Analysis - Deck

& Competitive Research - Deck

Collaborating with the BD & Research, Data, and Engineering teams, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the app's usage data using Mixpanel, while also conducting Competitive Research, assessing our user flow's effectiveness, and benchmarking against key competitors like Nutrisense, Omada, OneDrop, and others to gain deeper insights.

Other Related Reports - Tech Wishlist & Feature Evaluation

09 (1).png

User Interview - Deck


Along with the Care Team and Product Managers, we organized user interviews at providers' clinics and office sites. During these interviews, we engaged with 9 users including patients and on-site care team members(clinical assistants, health coaches, and registered dietitians), to understand patients' perspectives on using the mobile app.

The interviews were structured into three primary segments:

  • Warm-up and Introductions

  • Gathering Feedback on Current Features

  • Exploring User Experience and Empathy

Key Takeaways: 

  • Elder people have more difficulties with smartphone, IOT device and technology

  • They are willing to expand their knowledge about their lifestyle and medical condition while also monitoring their health and medication trends.



How might we...

harmonize the existing user flow with research-backed solutions to address consistency, usability, and user engagement challenges, all while accommodating the unique needs of elderly users and ensuring the app's effectiveness in promoting healthier lifestyles and monitoring health trends?


Easy Fix

  • Avoid Repetitive Steps On Reward System

  • Standard The Design System

  • Organize The Measurement User Flow

  • Improve Data Visualization On Health Page

  • Remove Plus Page

  • Improve Readability And Clickability

  • Simplify Navigation

  • Remove Or Change Task Cards

  • Recommend/Featured Articles On Home Page

  • Personalized Feedback

  • Auto-Sync Weight Scale

  • Easy-Sync With Apple Health

  • Enhance The Onboarding Process

  • Redesign The Illustration

  • Tailored Tutorial And Tips For Individual Challenges

  • Merge Health Report Into Health Page

  • Enhanced Visibility Of The Schedule Feature

  • Personalized Education Contents

  • Offer Web App For Patients On Computer

  • Medication Support

  • A Short-Term Promotion On Food Diary




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